Successful performance of the Kryvyi Rih sumo wrestlers from the Youth Sports School # 2 at the Cup of Ukraine

From October 29 to 30, 2021, the Ukrainian Sumo Cup was held in the city of Melitopol. 156 athletes came to the competition, among whom were prize-winners of the European and World Championships, as well as Honored Masters of Sports of Ukraine. Pupils of the Children’s and Youth Sports School # 2 from Krivoy Rog were able to show decent results among the strongest.

According to the results of the competition, prizes in the individual competition were taken at once by 4 athletes:
– Konstantinova Daria – 2nd place;
– Kuzmich Alena – 2nd place;
– Zhulidova Alexandra – 3rd place;
– Kravchenko Anastasia – 3rd place.

In the team competition, the combined team of the Youth Sports School No. 2 (Krivoy Rog) consisting of Anastasia Kravchenko, Daria Konstantinova, Evgenia Kakama and Yulia Vityuk took 2nd place.

For the Cup of Ukraine, the athletes were prepared by the coaching staff, which included Alexander Lozny, Stanislav Ubizsky, Alena Kolesnik and Kravchenko Anastasia.

We hope that the combined team of the Youth Sports School No. 2 (Kryvyi Rih), which have shown decent results, will be able to take a place in the national team of Ukraine.
And let everything conceived succeed!