Segment valve V2 (Du 300) 4104.00.SB

In July 2020, specialists of LLC NPP ADAMANT manufactured and shipped for PJSC ILYICH IRON AND STEEL WORKS OF MARIUPOL segment valve V2 (Du 300) 4104.00.SB in the amount of 2 pieces.

The segment valve is used in systems requiring the most accurate adjustment of the working fluid flow in various industrial systems for regulating and blocking gas, steam or liquid flows through pipelines and provides the necessary level of tightness corresponding to GOST.

Technical specifications:

Working pressure Рwor. maximum – 1,4MPa
Bore diameter – 300mm
Swing angle from full closing to full opening of the drive shaft – 90º
Pressure of gas supplied to the sealing collar – Рwor. + 0,2MPa