Running wheels 062427-2SB for PJSC AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS were shipped

In May 2020, for the private joint-stock company PJSC AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS, LLC NPP ADAMANT manufactured and shipped the wheels of the chassis 062427-2SB.

Running wheels – one of the most important elements of the running gear of the mechanism for moving the trolleys of bridge cranes.

Carts of bridge cranes are designed for lifting and moving cargo. With the help of carts, the goods are moved along the span.

Carts for general-purpose bridge cranes usually have four running wheels, of which two drive wheels. Driving wheels and axle boxes form a single unit that meets interchangeability conditions.

In the mechanisms of movement of trolleys, three-stage vertical gearboxes are used. The high-speed shaft of the gearbox is connected to the motor shaft with a normal gear clutch (MZ). A brake pulley is mounted on the second end of the motor shaft. The ends of the low-speed shaft of the gearbox are connected to the running wheels by gear couplings with intermediate shafts. Such couplings, even with large deformations of the trolley frame during load lifting, ensure good torque transmission from the gearbox to the running wheels.